About the Project
For this project assignment, I was challenged to design and develop a low-tech/no-tech game, a simple yet effective means of teaching a concept to learners using game strategies. I was most challenged in having to provide a functional game that accomplished the intended learning objectives.

The resulting PowerUP board game provides a fun and engaging approach to learning about the materials made of limited resources and alternative forms of energy. In this game, learners will be challenged to identify the economic, political and social implications of the mismanagement of these resources and materials. I designed PowerUp as an instructional game for learners ages 12 and up.
This is the new, revised version of the original PowerUP logo I designed. I was challenged with differentiating between the digital version of the PowerUP game and the low-tech/no-tech version of the game. To accomplish this, I chose to replace the elliptical shape with this hexagonal shape evident throughout the board game elements. 
This is general information about the board game for the learner. I wanted to streamline the information in a way that was easy to understand but remains visually appealing. I defined the gameplay with three sets of information -- recommended age group, the number of players allowed and estimated time of gameplay.
These are examples of the product cards (orange), energy cards (blue) and material cards (pink) I designed. The shape and color allow the learner to clearly identify where the pieces fit. Again, my goal in designing the set pieces was to keep the content clear and easy to read while remaining visually appealing. on the board game and help distinguish when collecting cards.
This is an example of the individual learner game card. The materials and energy cards (above) will be placed on this card when drawn. Again, the shape and colors enable the learner to clearly categorize their cards when planning for the materials they will be producing.
This is an example of the board game. The board game was designed in a user-friendly and intuitive way. The elliptical shape was intentional as resources are used and reused in the creation of products.

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