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About the Project
For this project, I chose to design an interactive infographic media asset that would aid learners in recognizing the importance of ecology and the environment by identifying the five ways humans negatively impact the environment. Further, I chose to designate middle school students in grades 6-8 or ages 12-14 as the intended audience. This interactive infographic media asset is part of a three-part series entitled Ecology & Us.
I elected to provide an illustration for each section that would visually depict the environment prior to the human impact. Additionally, I designed the interactions of the infographic to define the human impact in terms the learner can understand and further support their learning through photo galleries, interesting facts, and articles (see below).
I chose to design the interactive PDF with multiple opportunities for the learner to discover interesting facts and information regarding the human impact on the environment. For instance, hotspots in the forms of informational icons or camera objects allow the learner to discover more information about the human impacts on the environment through pictures and interesting facts.
To aid learners in internalizing the instructional content, I designed and developed a photo gallery that provides real-world examples of human impact on the environment around the world. Through this interaction, I have developed opportunities for learners to view the images in any order they choose, as well as, return to the main infographic page just the same. Additionally, each image provides relevant descriptions that shed light on the human impact around the globe.
In this example, I wanted to provide learners with an article reading that reinforces the learner's understanding of the instructional content. Moreover, I opted to develop the assessment in a way that helped the learner internalize the content by connecting the global impact to their immediate lives.

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